Best Eyelash Extensions San Antonio

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Best Eyelash Extensions San Antonio
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You will be amazed at the skill and precision in which eyelash extensions are installed. The estheticians at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa are extensively trained and certified  in single lash extensions as well as volume lashes.  This is not the strip of lash extensions that you may commonly see.  These are individually installed extensions which are placed over your existing eyelash.  The best eyelash extensions San Antonio are here.  We use top of the line Novalash eyelash extensions, and Novalash glues.  Different lengths and curls upon our clients request and our best judgement of what your lashes can hold without breaking.

This is not the low grade lashes, glue or un-skilled application offered in the mall.  Through our indusrty knowledge and experience we know.  Some chains provide “training” for 3 days before their lash artists are “floor ready.” SERIOUSLY?  5-8 years is the experience level amongst our wonderful, talented lash artists.

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Novalash Eyelash Extensions Last Longer.

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 by Cynthia
Luxurious Lashes

I have worn lashes for years. Gone to lots of salons. If you are looking for natural beautiful lashes you must see Paige. She is an artist and listens to what you want and makes suggestions that will give you lasting lashes. I highly recommend Paige!!!

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Dana Pelzel, Author, Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa

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