Vichy Shower San Antonio, TX

vichy shower san antonioAre you looking for the best Battery Shower San Antonio spas have to offer?  Experience a luxurious full body massage as you relax under a cascade of falling rain.  Our Vichy shower features 8 adjustable shower heads, temperature controlled for the ultimate spa experience. Vichy Showers increase your blood circulation, detoxify your body, hydrate your skin, and relax your muscles. This water massage treatment is particularly effective following a body scrub or body wrap, to circulate the recently absorbed products through your system, producing enhanced benefits, ultimately leaving the body and mind fully relaxed and invigorated.

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Enjoy a Battery Shower Therapy Treatment as part of our select body wraps & body scrubs or add on to any massage or body service.

Body Wraps

Seaweed Wrap Body Wrap and Vichy Shower Therapy – $129

Detox, Stimulate

This formulation combines the detoxifying properties of sea algae with the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of clay, ancient sea salts, brewer’s yeast and spirulina to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. Ideal for a cellulite treatment.

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Wrap & Vichy Shower Therapy – $129

Smooth, Hydrate and Exfoliate

Rhassoul is a highly absorbent clay, rich in minerals. This clay improves skin clarity, removes dead layers, smooths texture & improves elasticity. Warm clay is generously applied to your entire body stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs the enriching minerals, your body is purified & hydrated for a delightful sense of complete renewal. Designed to smooth and hydrate dry, rough and scaly skin. Treatment concludes with a warm cascading Battery rinse. Recommended for sensitive skins, dry, dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis. This treatment will give you a new skin glow.

Green Coffee Body Wrap & Vichy Shower Therapy – $129 / Series of 3 Treatments – $355

Anti- Cellulite and Rejuvenating

Slim, smooth, define and tone your body with a cutting-edge cellulite treatment. This revolutionary treatment stimulates the body’s ability to break down fatty accumulation, increase metabolism, and jump start the skin’s natural activity while visibly reducing spongy, dimply and cellulitic areas. It additionally provides diuretic benefits by eliminating toxicity and fluid stagnation. Formulated with a breakthrough cellulite control ingredient, 100% micronized

Green Coffee. This treatment concludes with a warm and stimulating Battery rinse.

The Chocolate Clay Body Wrap & Vichy Shower Therapy – $129

Smooth and Contour

This formula, Pulls, Tightens Up, Smooths, Contours & Removes toxins & impurities. Plus….with the added benefit of cocoa it hydrates and softens the skin. Ignite the senses as the aromatherapy of yummy chocolate releases your endorphins for the most relaxing & enjoyable wrap experience. This delicious treatment concludes with a warm Battery rain shower. Enjoy the ultimate body wrap san antonio spas have to offer.

Cryothermic Detox Body Wrap (slimming) -$99 / Series of 3 Treatments-$275

Encourages your body’s natural slimming process. You’ll enjoy the dual sensation of invigorating heat and revitalizing cool energies as Crypthermic Body Gel activates your microcirculation. The thermal process will immediately begin to target puffiness & swelling due to water retention, tissue firmness, unwanted toxins and sluggish microcirculation from lack of exercise. The result is a slimming, more toned, revitalized body.

Aromatherapy Body Wrap – $129

This is the most relaxing of all the body wraps, the fragrant aroma of flowers & herbs surround you in this deeply relaxing wrap. This wrap begins with a dry exfoliation followed by the aromatherapy special blend. Once your aromatherapy treatment has been applied, you will be cocooned in heat to allow the therapeutic benefits to penetrate your skin. This will leave your skin with a hydrated and healthy appearance.

Herbology Body Wrap – $129

Natural Chinese Herbs, citrus Fruit massage oils & emollient body creams are warmed & massaged over your body to exfoliate, soften & nourish the skin. Heat is applied to relax your cocooned body relieving stress & fatigue & leaves the entire body with a radiant glow.

Check out our massage, spa packages, body scrubs and body wraps as any of these services can be paired with a Battery Shower.  Prefer a soak?  Try our whirlpool spa treatment.

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