Permanent Eyeliner in San Antonio, TX

The safest, best permanent eyeliner San Antonio has to offer @Lavenderfalls.  Our permanent makeup artists have a soft touch and use the highest quality instruments and pigments.  Your permanent eyeliner will be delicately applied to your lash lines.  Call us to talk about permanent eyeliner or to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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210-446-0903  I love waking up with eyeliner every day just the way I want it”

Permanent Eyeliner San Antonio

Our clients often tell us they do not want to apply eye makeup every day, specifically eyeliner.  After permanent eyeliner, you can throw away your eyeliner pencil.   As we will create the perfect look for you with the added bonus of not having to use or spend money on eye makeup.   Eyeliner will define your eyes and make them look more youthful and larger.

Lash enhancement eyeliner (top or bottom)-149.00
Eyeliner regular- (top or bottom) – 179.00
Eyeliner top and bottom- 299.00
Dramatic/Thick or Winged Eyeliner-199.00
Touch-ups -150.00

Eyeliner Removal (per session)-150.00

What makes your permanent eyeliner San Antonio safest?

All our permanent makeup instruments are top-of-the-line, with single use, sterile tips.  We follow strict guidelines given to us by the state of Texas in regards to sterilization, cleanliness & application.  Your permanent makeup artist will be a licensed aesthetician who is also certified in permanent makeup.  the pigments we use are made in the USA who are of the highest quality. We use them on ourselves so we only want the highest quality pigments.

Is permanent eyeliner painful?

The clients that have given us feedback have given us a wide range of responses about their comfort during Best Permanent Eyeliner San Antoniothe permanent eyeliner process.  Some have said that they felt only pressure and vibration others have described a mild pain along with pressure.  We use a topical anesthetic which numbs your eye as well as numbing eyedrops.  Our experience as this helps make our permanent eyeliner San Antonio least painless!

What are some of my options with permanent eyeliner?

  • Enhancement – a thin natural dark line along the lash line.
  • Upper lash line only
  • Lower lash line only
  • Double or triple thick permanent eyeliner tattooed along the lash line.
  • Cat-eyes
  • Colored line above single, double or cat black lash line or without black eyeliner (Color choice(s) is yours.  Recommended look is based color of your iris )
  • Ask us about eyelash extensions if you want to really make your eyes POP!
What is the process for getting the permanent eyeliner San Antonio ladies are raving about?

Talk with us! If you’ve enjoyed reading this and would like to learn some more.  We can be reached at 210-446-0903 we can talk about your permanent eyeliner choice & schedule an appointment. During the process we will consult with you over the phone as well as during your visit in our office in San Antonio, TX @ the options that you would like to have for your permanent eyeliner.  Your aesthetician can discuss more in depth with you during your consultation, as well as have you fill out your intake forms.  If you have the time and we have the time we could proceed at that point.  A numbing cream will be applied to your eyelids as well as some eyedrops. During this process you we will wait approximately 15 to 20 min. for the topical anesthetics to take effect.

Next is where the magic happens will begin to apply the incredibly beautiful magic look that you made to your lash line.  Technically speaking we use a sterile, electronic instrument to embed micropigments into your lash line or eyelid.  But that’s not nearly as fun as the results of our magic permanent eyeliner makeup.

Permanent Eyeliner San Anotnio TX

You will be provided with aftercare instructions.  Some scabbing is likely to occur around the areas which were tattooed.  We please ask that you thoroughly read and follow your aftercare instructions.  Thanks for the opportunity to inform you about  the San Antonio permanent eyeliner process.

For driving directions to our spa, for the best permanent eyeliner in San Antonio, TX  click here.

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Best Lashes Ever!!

Alyssa does my lashes and she does an amazing job!! She takes her time and makes sure they are perfect. I have never left there unhappy. Highly recommend Lavender Falls & ask for Alyssa!

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