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Our waxing service is highly sought after due to our experience and speed. If you are looking for the kind of waxing San Antonio wax professionals will recommend or waxing using a topical analgesic, we can accommodate you.  Speed is gained from experience and for those who regularly wax, you know speed is a plus when waxing.

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Brazilian – $75 and Up

Make sure hair is no longer than ¼”



Signature Wax – Eyebrow, Chin, Lip, Nose, Ear, Sideburn and Decolette – $120

Wax, cut down and shape

Eyebrow Wax – $15

Wax, tweeze, cut-down and shape

Lip Wax – $7

Waxing of either upper or lower lip

Chin – $10


Nose – $10       

Waxing of both nostrils

Sideburns – $10

Waxing of both sideburns cut-down included if needed

Full Face– $45 with eyebrows $55

Includes cheek, chin,lip and sideburns (Does not include eyebrows)

Stomach – $20

Full stomach includes waxing of the complete stomach area.  Does not include chest

Bikini – $30 and Up

Bikini waxed per clients preference

Hands – $50

Includes both hands and fingers

Toes – $12

Includes all toes on both feet

Underarms – $20

Includes both underarms

Chest Waxing- $40 and Up

Chest are does not include stomach

Back Wax- $40 and up

Full Back includes from bottom neckline to waistline

½ Leg – $40

Both legs to below the knees, includes toes

Full Leg Wax – $60

Both legs up to bikini area, includes toes

Arms – $40

Full Arms include waxing of both arms from the shoulders

Abdomen (Happy Trail) – $20

Wax area from belly button to top of bikini