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Chemical Peel San Antonio

Chemical peels are commonly used to treat any number of skin concerns. We treat the condition of Acne, Sun damage, Rosacea, Age spots, Scar tissue, Hyperpigmentation, Texture, Fine lines and wrinkles. It is important to undergo a chemical peel with the most highly trained professional with expertise not only the treatment itself but also the different skin types and conditions. Our Estheticians are Master Peel Specialists and were voted The top chemical Peel Specialists in Stone Oak and The top Chemical Peels in San Antonio.

For the best chemical peel San Antonio has to offer visit Lavender Falls.

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PCA SKIN Brand Chemical Peels -$159 / package of 3 -$450         

These award winning peels are designed for every ethnic skin type condition and safe for all ages. These are for a variety of conditions such as cystic acne, dark pigmentation spots, rosacea, aging skin, wrinkle reduction and skin retexturing . These peels will be customized per  each individuals needs.

PCA Brand Neck Peel  $149

Hydration Facial + Peel  $249

Hydra-Pass + Peel  $199

Microdermabrasion + Peel  $199

Dermaplane + Peel  $229

Dermaplane +PCA Blended Peel $249

PCA Pumpkin Peel Mask  $129

Combined with a customized peel to treat your specific concerns & corrective needs. When any of these two treatments are combined, skin looks healthy and vibrant. By performing the prep of skin first with microdermabrasion, dermaplane or Hydration Facial first and removing the old layers or oil and debris in skin, the peel is able to penetrate deeper, yielding quicker more dramatic results.



TCA Chemical Peels – 13% – $179                

 TCA Chemical Peels 20% – $199

TCA Medical Grade Peel – $325 (by consult only) – Can be performed immediately following consult if candidate for procedure).

Body Chemical Peels – $149 per area

Remove age spots from hands, revitalize arms and legs with this amazing peel. This peel is very effective in removing layers of damaged skin from acne, discoloration and pigmentation. This will aid in taking a few years off of the appearance of the skin.

Glo Glycolic Chem Peel  60%- $ 99

Glycolic acid is a general type of acid used for a chemical peel. It is water soluble, and works nicely on most skin types to accelerate the turnover of skin cells, it is a very mild peel.

PCA Pumpkin Peel- $129

training, skill, and in-depth knowledge of the various products used in our different chemical peels, making this your best option for skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels are designed with the patient in mind, addressing concerns such as:

Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth, toned and tightened. A reduction in wrinkles and spots is possible, with a chemical peel designed to address a patient’s specific concerns after consideration is given to the current state of skin. Fully customizable, a chemical peel may be light, or more aggressive. When a light peel is administered, there may be little to no down time, and results will be fully visible within four weeks of treatment. After a stronger peel, the skin may respond with redness and peeling for up to a week, revealing fresh new skin and results that are long-lasting.

Every peel is customized to the patient, and may include substances such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid, which is a sugar cane derivative. TCA and Jessners  Peels may also contain state-of-the-art technology or innovative products aimed at correcting very specific concerns. Regardless of the base of a peel, the goal is the same: to cause the elimination of dead skin cells and promote the accelerated production of new skin cells. Here at Lavender Falls, our estheticians have an in-depth knowledge and allow us to recommend the optimal approach to skin rejuvenation based on the particulars of each case.

Because the appearance of your skin is important to you, it is important to us. Our Estheticians have administered chemical peels with amazing results, so you can feel comfortable and confident that you are in the best possible hands for your skin rejuvenation treatment.



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 by Dana Mayhall on Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa
Awesome Service

I just want to say Misty did an amazing job. I got so many compliments on my face after my face peel! The staff was very friendly and service was amazing!!!!!

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