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Welcome to Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa in San Antonio, TX.

Our Spa Menu Includes Eyelash Extensions, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Body Wraps, Spray Tanning and Permanent Eyebrow Microblading.

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Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa is located in the Stone Oak neighborhood of San Antonio Texas at the corner of Blanco and Huebner. Located in the shopping center with CVS and right next to Cowboy Cleaners. You will find us in the corner tucked away and nestled in the back for a quiet and serene experience. Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa is designed to give a very private and personal experience, This is not a one size fits all spa. Every client is unique and special and all of our services are customized to meet our clients individual needs.

Healthy beautiful skin is a reflection of our general health and wellness.  My focus is on building your confidence through a comprehensive approach to improved general wellness and skin health. I am here to help you find the best treatment program for your particular problem by using state of the art technology to safely and effectively enhance your beauty.

A few of my health and skin care fundamentals are: dedicate yourself to daily sun protection,  drink plenty of water, make time in your life for stress reduction, laughter, and quality time spent with friends and family, try to get more rest and frequent exercise.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you love what you see in the mirror from the inside out!

Dana L P., Esthetician

At Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa we offer various services to meet all of our clients needs.  A brief description of some of the services we offer is below. For more information and pricing go to our services menu at the top of the webpage.

Our Permanent Eyebrow technique  is praised by all of our clients.  If you use Retin-A or Accutane please inform Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa prior to your eyebrow microblading services.  We employ a 3d eyebrow microblading process. If you’re looking for the kind of  Permanent Eyebrows San Antonio ladies are raving about contact us today or visit our Permanent Eyebrows Microblading page.

Eyelash Extensions in San AntonioYou will be amazed at the skill and precision in which eyelash extensions are installed. The estheticians at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa are extensively trained and certified  in single lash extensions as well as clusters.  This is not the strip of lashes that you may commonly see, but and individually installed extension which is placed over your existing eyelash.  The most sought after Eyelash Extensions in San Antonio are at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa. We use top of the line Novalash eyelash extensions, and Novalash glues.   Of different lengths, depending upon our clients request. This is not the low grade lashes, glue or un-skilled application offered in the mall.

Why damage your skin with harmful UV rays in the process of tanning?  When you can, spray on tan with spray tanning!  Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa was one of the first spas in Stone Oak to offer spray tanning in San Antonio.  As skin care professionals, we advise the use of spray tans, and the use of sunblock with UVA and UVB protection.  Why burn your skin in the sun, when you can use Spray Tans for that tan glowing color?

It is a well established fact that a chemical peel is the next best thing to a facelift.  Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa will customize your Chemical Peel to suit your preferences and desired results. We are experienced and certified in the use of TCA, Jessners, Lactic and various other chem peels. For the lighter peel or teen skin we offer mask peels to help clear acne or blemishes and give a smooth skin appearance. Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa will analyze your skin and provide you with the correct type of chemical peel for your skin type.

Microdermabrasion San AntonioMicrodermabrasion, also known as microderm treatments at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa provides include a special blend of serums and moisturizers that deliver a variety of vitamins, peptides and nutrients to your skin directly after microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion can help remove pock marks, wine stains, acne scars and many more blemishes on the skin.  Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliation of the skin.  If you would like more information about professional microdermabrasion in San Antonio or Stone Oak Contact Us or call us at 210-446-0903.

Body wraps are reminiscent of ancient cleansing rituals.  Whether your goal is to calm your nerves, exfoliate, nourish skin, reduce water retention, or freeze away fat, Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa has the right body wrap for your state of mind.  Escape the rat race and lose an inch or two at the same time.  Its time you scheduled a Body Wrap in San Antonio and woke up in nirvana.

The purpose of the Facial is not only to relax, inside your soul, beyond your skin. But to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and nourish the dermis on your face.  Unclog and cleanse the pores on your face.  The signature facial at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa is simply divine and you wont find a more relaxing setting for a facial spa San Antonio.  Be fore warned, the facials are so relaxing we have found many people can’t help but to catch a cat nap during the process.

Our latest addition is the Dermapen San Antonio skin care professionals are raving about.  The dermapen uses high frequency micro-needling, which acts as a catalyst for the skin to begin rebuilding collagen.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Eyelash Extensions

The photo on the left is one of the eyelash extension clients that was at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa today.


The one on the right was done by a competitor and featured on their webpage as an “Amazing” and “Glamorous” individual eyelash extension set.

You be the judge.

For the best eyelash extensions San Antonio has to offer.

Contact us at Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa or call 210-446-0903.