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What would it be like to feel so relaxed, that you fall asleep while receiving a facial treatment? Is it just like when a sleepy cat drifts away for a moment? Come to Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa and experience the dream. Over half of our clients fall asleep during facials because we go far above and beyond the norm for all facial treatments performed, sweet dreams! And hope to see you soon at Lavender Falls Spa San Antonio Stone Oak location.

P.S. If you heard about how fabulous our eyelash extensions come out you heard right.

Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa has one significant difference from most spas that is beneficial to you and your skin. A licensed and experienced esthetician performs all services. Not a nail tech or massage therapist but an experienced esthetician that is licensed by the State of Texas. The difference is a true understanding of your dermis instead of a mere ability to apply something to your skin that may or may not be harmful for your skin type.

We all have different skin types and each skin type needs different nourishment and certain treatments are taboo possibly scarring or causing hyper-pigmentation of the dermis. This is the type of knowledge a licensed Esthetician has. Please be careful with your skin and do not trust just anyone with your face.

Lavender Falls Face and Body Spa offers Spa Facials, Microdermabrasion (even for men), Hair Removal Waxing, Body Wraps, Spray Tanning and much more. Call us today or contact us about your needs.